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Honey Hunt Volume 1

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Want to know more about the characters from the manga Honey Hunt? Here's your chance! Welcome to Honey Hunt Wiki! Find out about Yura Onozuka, Q-ta Minamitani, and others!

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Honey Hunt was written by Miki Aihara. It's about a shy girl named Yura Onozuka, who is the daughter of a famous musician and a famous actress. After her parents divorce, Yura decides to become an actress so she can show everyone that she isn't just the daughter of two famous people, but herself, Yura Onozuka. Keiichi Mizorogi becomes Yura's manager and helps her to accomplish her goal. As Yura's career goes on, she gains the intrest of two male idols - Q'ta and Haruka Minamitani - who are brothers and rivals. Yura is also liked by Keiichi, who disapproves of Q'ta and Haruka's crush on her.

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